3 Benefits of Re-Siding With Fiber Cement

Guest post, Allura USA—Your choice of house exterior siding has a significant effect on your experience as a homeowner, both from the perspective of caring for your home as well as how much you get back. Fiber cement siding has steadily been growing in popularity among homeowners looking for a siding that is functional, attractive, and has a good return on investment (ROI).

With the infographic below, Allura USA helps homeowners better understand the benefits of fiber cement siding and three (of many) reasons why homeowners are choosing fiber cement siding over other materials.


Relatively Low Maintenance Needs

Compared to the vast majority of possible siding choices, fiber cement comes out on top as having the lowest maintenance needs when it comes to wood lookalike options. Fiber cement comes in a variety of different colors and can be painted, but most importantly, fiber cement only needs to be repainted as little as every 10 years or so (depending on climate). Aside from annual cleaning to remove dirt and debris, the only other maintenance need is keeping an eye out for damaged caulking along seams.

Incredibly Resistant to Damage

Fiber cement is a very tough siding, and daily wear-and-tear that eventually breaks down other sidings won’t affect this material as much. Fiber cement is ideal for any climate, whether you experience bitter cold winter temperatures or blazing hot summers. UV exposure won’t warp or degrade this material nor will below freezing temperatures cause cracking. Hail and the odd accidently thrown rock from the lawn mower (or a kid throwing a ball) is unlikely to cause failure. Fiber cement is also one of the most fire-resistant materials, on par with solid brick walls.

Excellent Investment for Resell

If you plan on selling your home, it is important to carefully consider remodeling projects. Fiber cement siding has an impressive 84.3% ROI, which makes it a better choice than a kitchen remodel, a new deck, or even adding a garage. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home right away, this added curb appeal that maximizes value is good to have for when you do decide to sell.

Choosing fiber cement for your re-siding project is one of the most advantageous decisions you can make when remodeling your home. Despite a slightly higher price, this siding material is long-lasting and will continue to protect your home, with minimal maintenance effort, for close to 50 years.

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  1. Ashley Turns
    Ashley Turns says:

    I appreciate you letting us know that fiber cement has the lowest maintenance of any look-alike wood options. My husband and I want to install some new siding, and we are wondering what material we should use. Since we like the look of wood but don’t have much time for maintenance, we will definitely have to go with fiber cement.

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