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Jesse Fowler

Jesse holds two General Contracting licenses and performs custom residential
and commercial design and construction projects in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Barbara. He
founded Tellus Design + Build in 2005 as Orange County’s first “Green” Design and Build firm, and strives to
reject the assumption of disappointment so prevalent in the industry.

Tellus Design + Build Supports Local Artist With Open Studio Party and VR Showcase

Press Release Heather Joy Miller Exhibits Art During Vibrant Orange County Event. COSTA MESA, CA — February 28, 2017. Tellus Design + Build partners with artist Heather Joy Miller for an Open Studio Party and Design and Build technology showcase. Last summer, Tellus invited local artists to make the Tellus office space, in essence, their studio—rent-free. Miller has been working in the space ever since, and last weekend’s event showcased her latest work. Tellus also set up a Virtual Reality station for guests, highlighting the use of drones and technology in the architectural world and within the design and build process.
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Has Your Contractor Really Been in Business That Long?

Being that only around 35% of contractors actually stay in business after becoming licensed, your builder’s longevity in the construction industry may be the best indicator of the future success of your upcoming project. Of course, knowing this could be a deal-breaker, contractors, more often than not, misrepresent their business experience and work history. Here’s a quick “red-flag” check when you’re looking at contractors in California:
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How to Reduce Contractor “Extras” and “Change Orders” During Renovations

How can you reduce those pesky contractor “extras” and “change orders” during your home or office renovation? The answer is simple: exploratory demolition.
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