Reciprocity: Why Designers, Builders and Real Estate Pro’s should be Best Friends

Developing reciprocal relationships with related home professionals should be a no-brainer. Too often, though, these professional partnerships flounder, and with it goes lost opportunity for all involved. Here are a few pointers on how to make these relationships long-lasting and mutually beneficial.

Designer and Real Estate Professional

Real Estate Agents and Commercial Brokers can be phenomenal referral sources for design firms, as they offer a foot in the door with prospective clients in their hour in need of design services. A pre-planned vision for a space and initial design concepts can prove invaluable in selling or leasing a property. In this relationship, the Designer is often best served providing a little incentive. Offering free space planning and site walks to discuss potential ideas for the space—even initial design concepts and 3D renderings—can go a long way to landing a new project. This also helps their broker “buddy” offer a more complete sales process for their client. And then, who better to award the design contract to than the firm who came up with the concept? But, of course, the question is then whether or not the client can afford it…

Contractor and Real Estate Professional

Contractors typically end up paying hundreds of dollars per “lead” in signage, marketing and advertising, but for some reason, little effort is put forth when it comes to taking a few hours and walking a building or two with an agent. This is a mistake many builders make. As a Contractor, dedicating some time to coordinate with an agent, broker or designer to offer some “free,” and more importantly, accurate advice on an existing building, along with a detailed preliminary construction estimate, can be an incredible way to start a relationship with a “lead.” And, guess what else? Taking a little time to help an often-terrified someone, likely entering into the largest investment of their life, is a good thing to do! Isn’t that what this business should be all about?

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