Reciprocity: Why Designers, Builders and Real Estate Pro’s should be Best Friends

Developing reciprocal relationships with related home professionals should be a no-brainer. Too often, though, these professional partnerships flounder, and with it goes lost opportunity for all involved. Here are a few pointers on how to make these relationships long-lasting and mutually beneficial.

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How to Get an Early, Accurate Estimate on Your Design and Build Project

“It took twice as long and cost twice as much.”
-Anyone who’s been through a remodel

Ask someone about their recent construction project, and unfortunately, this is the most common response. Why? And how can you avoid it?

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Has Your Contractor Really Been in Business That Long?

Being that only around 35% of contractors actually stay in business after becoming licensed, your builder’s longevity in the construction industry may be the best indicator of the future success of your upcoming project. Of course, knowing this could be a deal-breaker, contractors, more often than not, misrepresent their business experience and work history. Here’s a quick “red-flag” check when you’re looking at contractors in California:
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